Youth Sustainability Development Conference 2022: Global Edition


In July 2021, the Youth Sustainability Development Conference Pan-African Edition (YSDC) held virtually due to the pandemic, focused on bringing Delegates with sustainable initiatives in Africa together to develop solutions to existing problems through a case study challenge sponsored by PANTA Group which was focused on unlocking the potential of African youth to develop longer term benefits of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The winner of the challenge, Saving the Earth Initiative, has now taken a step further to implement their solution in Nigeria – leveraging on consultation by trained Directors from the conference. See Project Implementation video here.

The YSDC 2021 under the theme “Collaboration for Change: Empowering youth to deliver action towards the SDGs” had speakers across the continent with over 250 participants across Africa.


The Decade of Action stresses the urgency and creates opportunities for conferences like the YSDC to empower other youth towards community and capacity-building. Never has there been a greater need for youths in these contexts, especially while we continue to witness complex societal challenges across the world, from impact of climate change to increased terrorism and insecurity, poor quality education, high rate of unemployment and more recently, the inequality in Covid-19 vaccine distribution, and the disparities in gender. 

Next year, YSDC 2022, will be hybrid (virtual and physical) as the world recovers from the pandemic, providing an opportunity for youths across the world to strategically work towards tackling these issues through advocacy and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

As an organization, we are actively placing youths at the core of sustainable development and ensuring that youths are taking action to accelerate the SDGs. The YSDC 2022 welcomes partnership from responsible organizations that are passionate about leading change and empowering youths to develop sustainable solutions. Our mission at YSDC is to grow in our capacity to support our Directors, Research Assistants and Delegates with the mentors, resources, and opportunities for training and professional development.


We are excited for you to join the YSDC family.


Roles & Responsibilities – Directors
Pre - Conference Duties

– Carry out research in line with Sustainable Development and community-based
– Undertake mandatory assessments or tasks.
– Collect and analyse data, and produce reports to demonstrate your findings.
– Prepare and make presentations on the tasks.
– Recommend innovative, most cost-effective and beneficial routes to sustainability.
– Keep up to date with current research and legislation via specialist publications, following relevant social media groups or by attending conferences.

During Conference

– Educating delegates on key topics and areas related to the case study and sustainability
– Ensure that sessions run smoothly.
– Ensure that the delegates are well grounded in the understanding of what they’re
supposed to do and assist them strategically with working on their tasks.

Post – Conference

– Prepare a report containing a summary of the activities during the duration of the job.


Roles & Responsibilities – Research Assistants
Pre - Conference Duties

– Work closely with the secretariat.
– Assist in conducting research.
– Provide research paper on case studies.
– Stay abreast of new and updated protocols for research department/secretariat.

During Conference

– Assist the directors in ensuring that the sessions run smoothly
– Serve as an intermediary between the delegates and the directors in communicating vital information, such as questions concerning the sessions or case study.


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