With the constant surge in the number of illnesses caused by the ravaging pandemic, COVID-19, the Youth Sustainability Development Conference (YSDC) held a webinar via the Zoom platform on the 11th of April, 2020 in order to sensitize the youth and the world at large as to how they can contribute their own quota towards flattening the curve.

The meeting commenced at exactly 12pm WAT and had several participants from various countries in attendance. The keynote speakers were Damilola Balogun and Muhammad nur Hayyu Rafi.

Damilola Hamid Balogun is a Law Graduate and currently a Bar II Candidate at the Nigerian Law School. He is passionate about International Sustainable Development and Youth Development. He is the founder of the Youth Sustainability Development Conference (YSDC) and has hallmark records in Sustainable Development Leadership, Diplomatic Negotiations and Social Impact Challenge Ventures of the United Nations and its Affliate.

Muhammad nur Hayyu Rafi is a student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan. He actively engages with the United Nations as a volunteer and has experience as a member and as a Friendship Ambassador in the Friendship Ambassador Foundation, New York.
He is passionate about and currently studying International relations and peace studies.

Chikamso Ononuju, the Director of Conference set the ball rolling by introducing the speakers and welcoming all participants to the discourse.

Mr Hayyu Rafi then commenced his keynote presentation. He spoke about “health education of local communities.” According to the gentleman, the target audience (the local communities) can be reached through what he tagged as the “3S”- self awareness, self learning and self implementation. He also emphasized the need for youth to familiarize themselves with healthy practices and to sensitize their peers on the need to embrace such practices using social media as a viable artillery.

The second keynote speaker, Mr. Damilola Balogun who doubles as the founder of Youth Sustainability Development Conference stated that health goes beyond the confines of the hospital contrary to conventional belief and transcends physical well-being. He also spoke about community organization; the obligation of the communal strata to identify and resolve challenges. He admonished youths to participate in order to create a meaningful institutional change by adopting avant-garde mechanisms noting that they are energetic, creative, optimistic and possess other vital innate traits according to recent research studies provided by Harvard University. He laid a blueprint of 3Rs’ – Renew, Refresh and Reorganize and stated that youths can help to execute these tenets. He stated that YSDC stands for Education and Implementation – youth educating people about healthy practices in order to promote goals 3&4.

Philip Oladimeji asked about the viability of the plans and how the youth can participate and Damilola Balogun outlined strategic frameworks which could lead to the eradication of COVID-19 citing the exemplary and revolutionary initiative of the Lagos State government

Damilola Balogun offered a vote of thanks to all the youths who took out time to participate in the virtual learning experience and encouraged the youth to keep promoting sustainable practices. This idea was echoed by Chikamso Ononuju and the discourse ended on that note