The topic for discourse was:

“A 21st Century Approach in The Struggle for Clean and Renewable Energy”.

This topic was chosen to foster an interactive session with the students, directing their thoughts towards the 21st century energy generation option bearing in mind that technology is a tool which they are very conversant with.

In discussing this, Delegates were to suggest and work upon sustainable methods of generating clean energy. This committee had 4 working groups which are the Hydroelectricity group, the Solar group, the Tax group and the Bio-Waste group.

The different working groups of this committee came up with various creative ways of achieving SDG 7 (clean and renewable energy) in line with agenda 2030.

  • The Hydro group believe that hydroelectricity could be used in achieving this and suggested with the idea in mind that over 60% of the world is populated by water that more damns can be built or more modern ways can be used to improve this method of generation of energy as a means of achieving clean and renewable energy.
  • The Solar group believes that the sun is the one constant character from the inception of time to man and that it is the most reliable source of energy. This group suggestions centered upon the mass use of solar panels. They suggested in essence the harnessing of solar energy with global partnership from the large-scale industries to the common family home.
  • The Tax came from an interesting perspective as they believe that the enforcement of heavy taxes on companies producing eco damaging goods like the oil companies will force them to seek and invest in other reliable energy sources which will be mandated by law to be clean and renewable.

At the end of the committee session, it was delightful to see the delegates happy with the new found knowledge and interest in the sustainable development of their environment and satisfied with the work and solutions they worked on. The delegates which were from different schools were also able to network and make friends.

This committee I must say made me proud as it was engaging from the very beginning, delegates were not shy to speak, ask questions and debate on the topic and express their ideas. This committee definitely achieved the aim of the conference which is to create a generation of world conscious youths interested in the sustainable growth of their environment and the world at large.