The Team

Taylor Spicer


Taylor joined Emory University’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives as a graduate intern in 2013, became a Programs Coordinator in 2015, moved into the Programs Manager role in 2018 and became the Assistant Director in 2020. She works directly with students and others to increase their knowledge about sustainability issues, engage them in action and support them in behavior change. She works closely with Emory Dining to support their efforts to source more food locally and sustainably and to co-manage the weekly Emory Farmers Market. She also runs the WaterHub student docent program, the OSI intern program, and the Zero Waste Ambassadors outreach group. Taylor also manages OSI’s daily communications platforms and strategies.

While Taylor was a graduate intern for OSI, she was also completing her Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) degree at Emory. Taylor has conducted research on land rights in Rwanda, social movements in Northeast Brazil, effects of gender norms on climate adaptation for smallholder farmers in Kenya and Ghana, and intimate partner violence prevention in Vietnam,giving her a broad and interdisciplinary context to champion behavior change and community engagement.