YSDC holds Instagram Live Session with Temitope Olukanmi

The Instagram live session held on the 24th of April 2020 and had a lot of tune-ins majorly from the African and South American regions. The host and Director of the 2020 YSDC conference, Chikamso Ononuju started off by introducing the viewers to the social impact work YSDC is involved in and this is basically the enlightenment of the youth on sustainable development goals and practices as recommended by the United Nations. The speaker, Ms. Temitope, then delved into the topic in focus: SDG 4 – Education and the impact of COVID-19 therein. She started by stating that education transcends the classroom and that it could be formal, informal and non-formal. She added that in so far as information is being exchanged, a person is being educated. She commended the upsurge in the budgetary allocation to education but noted that there is still room for improvement as Nigeria as a country allotted about 6% to education in 2020 and this is a far cry from 26% recommended by UNESCO. She noted that the crux of SDG 4 is that “there should be inclusive, equitable and quality education for everyone regardless of your race, where you come from” among other things. She went further to state that in Nigeria, we’re still yet to attain these tenets adding that the state with the lowest literacy rate in the country is Katsina State with 10.3% while Imo State in contradistinction, has 96.5% literacy rate. She went further to state that there’s need for this SDG (4) to be implemented by everyone ranging from individuals, corporate bodies and NGOs’. She said that out of the 10 different targets set by the UN, her organization, Straight Outta Love, covers 5.

With regards to the impact of COVID-19 on SDG 4, Ms. Temitope commended the government for the efforts they have put in to see that education thrives even in the wake of the pandemic. She also stated that taking into consideration, the efforts that have been expended, more can be done. She told that she participated in a webinar and one of the beautiful solutions that came in the form of a suggestion, was the fact that people thought of partnering with telecommunication companies so as to provide children access to virtual classes without the need for data purchase. She went further to state that the tutorship of students on air which is an initiative by the government is a good idea and COVID-19 has pushed people and institutions to be creative

The host proceeded to the Q&A session and among other questions asked, Temi’s response to the question: “how to sustain a student’s interest” was indeed worthy of note. She replied stating that there needs to be greater awareness on speech and learning difficulties such as dyslexia, autism etc. She went further to advocate for the implementation of tailored forms of learning such as visual learning, analytical learning, hands-on approach etc in line with each student’s preference as this would help with the sustenance of interest.

With the conclusion of the Q&A session, the host thanked the keynote speaker and everyone that took out time to tune in. Sequel to that, the session came to an end