The live session held 4:55pm to 5:45pm between Anele Mary-Esther, a substance staff of YSDC and Winnie Chepkemoi of UNDP Kenya. The topic was centered on the SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals and the role it plays alongside with the other SDG. The session kicked off with the introduction of the SDGs by Anele Mary-Esther where she also invited Winnie Chepkemoi of UNDP who analyzed how the SDGs are interrelated and how each plays a major role to the other. She stated that the only way forward is if the SDGs are given the same support.

Mary-Esther proceeded to ask the role of SDG 5 (Gender Equality) in the Partnership for the goals and how it can achieve a better future. Winnie Chepkemoi stated that Gender Equality is one of the important SDGs which should never be ignored as empowering women helps to create opportunities and a good economy. She went on to explain how equal opportunities help in not only advancing the economy but achieving other goals like SDG 4 and SDG 10.

A viewer asked; “ What roles can youth play in developing the SDGs?” Winnie Chepkemoi demonstrated that youths can play a major impact in the SDGs , “All hands must be at deck” in creating a better future. She advised that youths shouldn’t wait to be given an opportunity but should stand up and take the opportunity. Waiting doesn’t build an economy but actions go a long way in creating the future we want.

Conclusively, Winnie Chepkemoi went on to examine the ways which countries can maximize their contribution to integration across the SDGs; the impact of leveraging technology for the SDG 17 goals and her role in the UNDP . The session was enlightening and a wake up call for youths to participate more in the development of the SDGs . Also, it was a message for leaders to join hands to ensure that the SDGs are accomplished and are not put to a stop during this Covid-19 pandemic.