On Friday, 19th of June 2020, we went live on our Instagram page with Bolanle Onilogbo and Rashel Bajaj. The IG Live was centred on SDG 1, that is, Zero Poverty. The Instagram Live started at exactly 6.02 pm with Bolanle and Rashel introducing themselves. Bolanle is a Communications Specialist at Farm Innovation Nigeria Limited while Rashel works with Mission 17 US in ensuring the SDGs are met and a sustainable society is built.
To kick start the Live, Bolane gave a very short description of SDG 1 and stated that there is a pressing need to eradicate poverty. She then asked Rashel if she thinks SDG 1 can be fully achieved before 2030. Rashel replied by stating that there is no direct answer to the question as it can be answered both in the positive and in the negative. She added that it is all dependent on how well we are able to use the available resources. She also stated that we have made considerable progress from 2015 till now. Bolanle wrapped up this question by stating that achieving SDG 1 before 2030 may seem unstable but it is definitely achievable.
Bolanle then further asked what exactly is the cause of the fluctuating poverty rates in most developing nations. Rashel answered this by stating the proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. She explained that it is not enough to only give developing nations or the rural areas food as it would only help them temporarily. Instead, it would go a long way if these developing/rural communities are taught how to eradicate poverty through viable means.
Bolanle mentioned that one of the reasons for the high level of poverty rate is the systems that exist in nations such as the economic sector, labour sectors and how unfavourable they are. She stated that it is important to look at the systems in order to end poverty. She then asked how these systems can be changed and moved in order to eradicate poverty.
Rashel brilliantly answered by stating that Impact Investment would go a long way. She explained that the government should operate with the purpose of impacting and benefiting human beings and citizens as well as engaging other governments, companies, etc. Bolanle added that these investments should be affordable, accessible, and they should positively affect both the rural and urban communities.
With respect to finding viable solutions in eradicating poverty and how to work with our communities in achieving prosperity, Rashel stated that the youths should be fully engaged, using YSDC as an example. She also stated that the government should form the right partnerships that are vested in poverty eradication. She further advised the viewers to volunteer in organizations and NGOs.
Bolanle added that the government should be tasked to create good systems that reduce the poverty rate as the current systems running in most developing countries enable poverty. She stated that we all need to become resilient and we should work to create impacts in the long run. Bolanle also stated that it is almost difficult to be poor in already developed countries as they have good systems that encourage their citizens. She concluded by stating that in developing nations, most poor people are farmers. Hence, once we get to the point where people cannot farm again, the farners are going to get into extreme poverty.
To conclude the Live Session, Bolanle asked for ways can the farmers be encouraged. Rashel stated facts that Ecuador produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, but due to climate change, things have been hard. However, the use technology has been used to boost their production level. She stated that the use of emerging technology can be used to improve and encourage the farmers.
Bolanle concluded the Live session by stating that once we solve the problem of farmers, we have solved a lot of problems in poverty. Thus, by meeting and engaging the farmers, we begin to form solutions to the problems farmers face. The Live Session came to an end at exactly 6.58 pm.
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