On Friday, 30th of April 2021, YSDC held an Instagram Live with Grace James Ojon, with the theme Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production by 2030. The IG Live started by 5pm with the host, Damilola Balogun introducing the topic of the Live and the guest speaker. Grace James Ojon is the founder of Agro Husk wares, a climate action advocacy enterprise in Nigeria. She currently studying Information and Communication Engineering in the prestigious Covenant University. She is also the lead host in her podcast, Ojon Talks, which she uses as a means of advocating for climate action.

Damilola Balogun started the IG Live by asking Grace to explain to the viewers the concept of Reasonable Consumption and Production and this concept connotes.  Grace explains that Reasonable Consumption and Production means taking responsibility for what humans consume. She explained that people are not aware of the gravity of their diet and what they consume has on the environment due to the production and transportation process of food. She gave an example of plastic decomposition; how the usage of plastics keeps increasing on earth for a 10 – 15 minute meal but these plastics take over 500 years to decompose. She concluded that it is important for all humans to take responsibility for what they consume to protect the environment for the sake of future generations. The Host agreed with Grace and stated that the main purpose of the advocacy for sustainability is for the sake of the generations yet unborn.

The next question to the Host was what her start up, Agro Husk wares, is doing to emsure we have Reasonable production and consumption. Grace explained that her organization creates awareness on the importance of having a reasonable consumption and production as most people are not even aware that something as little as what they eat can harm the environment in a great way. She stated that her organization is made up of young and vibrant people who are actively learning and growing in their fields. They have been actively taking courses, proffering sustainable solutions and alternatives to the use of plastics as well as speaking to mentors and experts in the field of Reasonable Consumption and production.

Damilola Balogun further asked Grace James what she thinks the concept of Sustainable supply chain means. She answered by stating that sustainable supply chain deals with the whole process of production before the porduct gets to the consumer and this chain continues even after the product has gotten to the consumer. She explained that tje concept of Sustainable supply chain ensures that the production process of goods is eco-friendly and does not negatively affect the environment. The host concurred to this and added that production companies should strive to incorporate sustainable supply chains into their production processes.

Grace was then asked if she believes there is a nexus between SDG12 which is Sustainable Consumption and production and SGD 13; Climate Action. Grace answered by staing that all 17 SDGs are interconnected and work hand in hand. The further stated that the achievement of SDG 12 would enhance and support  the achievement of SDG 13.

Touching on Grace’s personal experiences, she was asked what difficulties she encounters while making social impact considering she is young. In her reply, she stated that she believes in what she is doing and she knows it is not going to be easy in the long run as she is still in the university, but every great leader has to make sacrifices. She also stated that she believes in self-discipline, time management and self development as these have helped her in the long run.

On her final note on the IG Live, she advised young founders and start ups to be patient, teachable and open to making mistakes and learning from them. She advised young founders to learn to restrategize when things fail instead of giving up. She encouraged young founders to learn to collaborate with people of like minds and values and also to embrace their small beginnings.  She then advised youths all over the world to take action and work towards the achievement of the SDGs.