Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to welcome you all to the fourth edition of the Youth Sustainability Development Conference (YSDC) 2022.

This is YSDC and we remain very much committed to driving bold action and impact for people-centered development.

Understanding that if we must achieve a resilient and sustainable future by 2030, action is key. Thus, as an organization, the Youth Sustainable Development Network (YSDN) through the YSDC is proud to be actively reshaping youth leadership in sustainable development affairs by not only delivering innovative capacity-building programmes; but more importantly supporting youth-led actions toward grassroots projects implementation.

As this year’s theme reiterates ‘Youth Driving Impact and Action for Trailblazing the SDGs’, in the course of the three days conference, the key objective for this year’s conference is to critically discuss high level sustainable developments agreements and objectives from the recent Glasgow Climate Pact, to the outcomes of the Sustainable Energy for ALL Global Forum in Kigali, and to transform these high level objectives and commitments into real world impact at the local level with youth at the forefront.

As a youth-led organization, we know that sustaining our relevance in the years to come will be a result of our direct and indirect impact to make huge contributions to addressing the world’s biggest challenges ranging from poverty, climate change, inequalities and youth unemployment.

As we converge today to find game changing solutions to pertinent challenges the world is currently facing, allow me reiterate that this is not only for our own benefit, nor the benefit of our businesses and families but the benefit of the generations yet to come which of course, underpins the whole essence of sustainable development.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have read about change in history and we all can agree that every change we hear or witness commenced as a result of events. Such an event is upon us now, the YSDC 2022.

Special thanks to our members of staff, delegates, partners and well wishers who have relentlessly supported the YSDC 2022 vision and ensured it came to life.

Damilola Hamid Balogun.
CEO, Youth Sustainable Development Network.